Our frequently caught fishes and their limits


Red Fish, also known as Spottailed Bass, and Red Drum

Update to Red Drum Regulations (effective July 1, 2018)

The South Carolina General Assembly has passed a new law intended to reverse Red Drum overfishing. The lowered bag limit allows two fish per person per day and no more than six fish per boat per day. The previous catch limit was three fish per person per day, with no boat limit. The slot limit (15-23 inches) remains unchanged.

Slot Limit:

  • 15-23 inches (total length)

Bag Limit: 

  • 2 per person per day, and no more than 6 per boat per day

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Black Drum

5 per person per day14-inch to 27-inch TL 

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Spotted Sea Trout aka (Speckled Sea Trout)

Spotted Seatrout Cannot be harvested by gig Dec. - Feb.

10 per person per day 14-inch TL

  • May only be taken by rod & reel and gig.

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Flounder (Southern and Summer)

10 per person per day not to exceed 20 per boat per day15-inch TL

  • Bag limits apply to hook and line or gig


10 per person per day not to exceed 30 per boat per day14-inch TL

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Spanish Mackerel

15 per person per day12-inch FL


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